Saturday, April 16, 2011

Krazy Kiters!!

Shanley, Justin and I were on a hunt at the kite festival to find the funniest people. We found a few winners and Shanley took all the shots!!!

Kite Festival

St. George has this annual Kite Festival Event for a while, but we never managed to go. This year we thought we would brave it since Trist is getting older and hey we had a kite too. Because it was at a golf course with not so much parking, you had to park a few blocks away and get bused in. Tristan has never been on a school bus and when he saw what we were going on, he was so excited saying"ooooohhhh". When the bus started, he starting screaming "yeah".

There were a bunch of rides and we were surprised when Tristan wanted to go on the airplane and train ride. We were excited he went on and off so well by himself ....Disneyland here we come!!! We would tell him to wave, but he was so afraid to let go of where they told him to have his hands. My little baby boy is getting so big and so independent. You could tell this was our first kid....while other parents put their kids on the rides and walked off, Justin and I were "wave...hi fun...."

Overall, we had a fun day with the kids. It is nice to take them out for a few hours. A lot more work with two kids that is for sure. At least we know what to expect for next year!!

First Time Offense

On Friday night, the kids and I went to dinner at Durangos with my family. Because the restaurant is right by old navy, I decided to take the two kids shopping for a sec with the help of my brother Shanley. I found these cute little jelly sandals for Novalee and got in line to pay for me. Tristan kept asking me to buy all the "gotta have it" items that are always by the register to aggravate parents!! I kept telling him no after no and in the meantime i dropped novalees shoes, bent down and picked them up ....and....Tristan was gone!! I hear him pounding on the outside window of the store laughing. At first I thought he was with Shanley, and then come to realize he snuck past both of us (great babysitting skills huh ). I drop the sandals and run outside with Novalee on my hip to catch him. I grab his arm and he turns around HOLDING A OLD NAVY STUFFED ANIMAL MONKEY!!! Obviously I didn't pay for it, so I stormed back in to the store and made him put it back....oh little kids!!! Right after this he was running around by the fountain and came up to me and said " Mom...I frew up!!" He had beans all over him and he grabbed a wipe and went and wiped up the concrete. Needless to say, this was the end of the night for us!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Early easter

Tristan got an early Easter present from shanley's girlfriend ....a painting set. He has gotten them out over 25 times in the past two days...loves it!! Here is a picture of him in his painting gear: sunglasses ,home depot apron,and water. The picture below is (according to Tristan) mommy,daddy,me,dodger,meowz.he makes me laugh so hard.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Thanks and we love you!

I just wanted to share our amazing photos from my BFF Amy Sue. We love them so much, I have them all the house.

Dodgers in Vegas Baby!

The Dodgers preseason game was lucky for us in Vegas this past month. Ever since Novalee came into our lives, we always wanted to make sure Tristan still felt like he got mom and dad's attention just as much. So we decided to take him on a special time just with us to the game. When we got online to get tickets, all the bleacher seats were sold out, but for the same price you could sit on the grass. At first, we were bummed...but after the game, we wouldn't do it any other way with a crazy 2 yr old. We literally got to lay down on our blanket, play catch,in the shade and watch the game.
One of the funny things that happened was Tristan saw somebody with ice cream and wanted some. So I took him to go get in line while Justin watched our stuff. I guess it was the perfect time for everybody to pig out, becuase we were in line for 20 min for some overpriced, undersized ice cream cone. Tristan and I were ten feet away from our blanket when...that's right you guessed it, he went to lick his ice cream cone and the ice cream went plop!! He started bawling and everybody was saying back to the line we went!! The ice cream vendor felt so bad Tristan dropped it, we got if or free. Aahh the things moms do for thier kids.
Well the dodgers lost...but Tristan didn't know otherwise. When we were putting him in the car to come home, he was talking about doing it all again. We had a blast and maybe next year, we can take both kids.

Hilarious Tristan

I was looking through my phone today,just cracking up at some of the crazy funny pictures I have of trist. From boxing with cousins, to stealing uncle Shanley's glasses, Tristan for sure will be class clown. Whenever Justin and I start to laugh, he always asks..."you laugh at me dad and mom?" Tristan, you make mommy and daddy laugh so hard. Being two years old, has brought you much independence. You like to get yourself dressed, open doors, clear your dinner plate, and take off your own diaper. You are such a joy and crack us up!

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